About SCAR

What is SCAR?

  • SCAR is the Scottish Collaborative Arthritis Research network.
  • It is a coordinated network of professionals involved in providing rheumatology care to patients in Scotland.

Why was it started?

  1. It has become increasingly difficult for clinicians to be involved in research because of the bureaucracy involved (with ethics, regulatory agencies, research & development etc). SCAR provides a centralised resource to minimise the paperwork involved for individual clinicians to maximise the chance of them becoming involved;
  2. There are many important clinical problems that can only be solved by large high quality, randomised controlled trials. By and large, individual departments do not have the resources to complete such trials, and we recognised the need for us to collaborate;
  3. Whilst the pharmaceutical industry has delivered good quality trials to ensure new drugs come to market, there are questions that clinicians need to have answered that industry are less likely to fund (such as head-to-head trials comparing two biologic drugs).

Is it only for doctors?

  • No. We will support research by Allied Health Professionals too.