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Accessibility & problems with the site

This web site has been carefully designed to be as clear and readable as possible. Use your web browser’s standard tools to increase the font size if necessary. A normal screen reader add-on to a browser should be able to read the site correctly for blind and partially-sighted visitors. Please get in touch with the technical team if you have a problem using the site.

Security & privacy

This site does not normally collect any personal information from visitors except for standard IP address and other basic logging data collected by all sites for the purpose of generalised statistical analysis and attack prevention.

Occasionally public comment and discussion may be invited, in which case members of the public commenting may choose to give their name or an alias, together with a comment. Anyone submitting content to this site agrees to relinquish control of the information, and agrees to it being published publicly. Please contact us if you wish to remove any personal information that you have submitted. We will seek to abide by such requests as quickly as possible. We may request that you supply an email address so that we can contact you regarding your comment. This will not be passed on to any third party except as required by law.